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The importance of protecting our brand on the Web

At the end of March, two articles appeared in the Journal du Net and in 01Net which brought up the question of brand protection on the Internet. 

The first article tells us how Google and the travel site Faraway24.com were fined 75 ' 000 Euros for false and misleading advertising. This fine resulted in a complaint from the hotel group Citadines, in the motive that the pages of results related to the query “Citadines " posted sponsored links towards competitors’ websites, of which included Faraway24. The Tribunal de grande instance de Paris thus forced Google to remove the word Citadines from their Adwords platform.

The second article shows the numbers published by the world organization of intellectual property (OMPI), according to which the number of complaints for excessive unauthorized use of domain names would have increased by 18 % in 2007.  According to the OMPI, this increase would mainly be due to the new rules concerning the protection of the personal information. since webmaster data isn’t appearing when querying the Whois database, since some people are abusively using domain names while remaining hidden from their "victims". 

It seems that company policies consists more “of introducing disputes when they deem them necessary, rather than to lead defensive domain name campaigns”. It’s a surprising choice, seeing as systematic monitoring and repatriation of strategic domain names is much more effective (and much cheaper!) than going to the courts.

Wether it be “positionsquatting " or domain names management, IC-Agency proposes profitable and effective solutions to protect your brand within search engines and reduce traffic diversion. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about it, or read our case study concerning Nespresso’s protection concerning illegal sponsored links.

By IC-Agency | April 30, 2008 | Domain Names , | Search Engine Protection
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The purchase of registered trademarks now authorized by Google UK

As from May 5th, Google will apply in the UK and Ireland the same policy it practices in the United States and Canada regarding the purchase of registered trademarks as keywords.

Concretely, it means that British advertisers using AdWords can bid on registered trademark names that will trigger their advertisements on Google search results pages.The use of unauthorized registered trademark in text ads remains prohibited.

This change of policy was due to a recent decision of the British judiciary, which asserted that Yahoo! did not violate the intellectual property of registered trademark holders by allowing competitors to use these brands to create sponsored links.

IC-Agency manages sponsored link campaigns at the international level. Our customers, active on the British market and confronted with this new policy, will benefit from optimizations that were implemented in the United States and Canada for several years, maintaining the goal of guaranteeing a strong position at a lowered cost per click.

By IC-Agency | April 29, 2008 | Search Engine Protection
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Did you say International SEO?

You know IC-Agency manages international and multilingual SEO mandates, but what does that really mean?

We manage, for some of our clients like Nespresso, Raymond Weil or Dior, search engine optimization mandates in about fifteen different languages.

French, English, German, Spanish, Italian are most certainly employed, but also are languages such as Dutch and Russian and even Asian languages such as Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese.

Does this mean we simply do all the work in one language, then translate it?

No, that would be too easy! It also would not be optimal. Because of linguistic particularities, different words are used to describe the same products. For example, in France, they search for "shutters" while in Swizterland, they rather search for "blinds". It’s the same product sold on the same site in these 2 countries. They share the same language, but their linguistic particularities differ. Search engine optimization cannot be translated, and has to be based on the words which users actually enter in search engines for their search.

That’s why IC-Agency’s Clients Services team members surround themselves with Korean, Chinese, and other cultures with key languages for the SEO mandates we manage.

This way, with the help of our demand analysis tool, they can decode exactly the term used by Internet users for their search queries and match those terms to the most suitable ranking in search engines.

This is just one reason why our SEO practices are effective and get superior results compared to a translated optimization done by an agency, no matter how qualified they are!

By IC-Agency | April 28, 2008
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Online/Interactive Marketing Job

Are you an interactive marketing professional?  Are you interested on working on international projects and living in Geneva?  This message is for you.

IC-Agency is currently looking for a Key Account Manager for its Geneva office.  In direct contact with our clients comprising of large international companies in the luxury and e-commerce sector, you will our representative to these clients, ensuring their satisfaction.

You are considered an interactive marketing professional if you have similar work experience or if you are currently managing a website, preferably e-commerce.

The details can be found here or on LinkedIn.

As a reminder, we are also looking for an e-marketing specialist.  The complete posting can be found here.

To encourage recommendations, we are giving an iPod Touch to the person who recommends our chosen candidate.  All you need to do is send us an e-mail with the name of the recommended person and the job title in question.  If the person is recruited and remains in the job after the probationary period (1 to 3 months maximum), you will receive an iPod Touch.

P.S.: No, you can’t substitute the iPod Touch for an iPhone ;-)

By IC-Agency | April 07, 2008 | IC-Agency Events
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IC-Agency in Atlanta

Wtc_atlanta_3IC-Agency will be participating in a trade mission to Atlanta organized by Entreprise Fredericton. Flavio Quaranta will be spending a week in Georgia’s state capital, meeting with new prospects and spreading the word on the benefits of a strong Internet strategy.

Those in the Atlanta metropolitan area will be able to experience IC-Agency firsthand. The WTC, in Association with Azion LLC, will be presenting the following complimentary presentation: “When Strategic Online Marketing meets Swiss Precision: Offer your Business IC Agency’s Online Sixth Sense!”

Who should attend: Business Entrepreneurs and Marketing Executives
When: April 24th, 2008 from 7:30a to 9:30a (a complimentary continental breakfast will be served)
Where: World Trade Center Atlanta
Presenter: Mr. Flavio Quaranta, Co-founder and Managing Partner, IC-Agency Canada Inc.

What you will learn:

  • How to leverage the Internet in order to dramatically increase your revenue in today's highly competitive market
  • How key performance indicators are the foundation of your online success
  • Learn the secrets behind businesses making over 100 million in online revenue
  • How to master your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy in order to rise above the competition
  • How to decipher new markets that you did not know existed
  • How Amazon & Co. empowers personalization, and how you can use this ultimate weapon to your business benefit
  • How the Web 2.0 AND 3.0 can play a decisive role in your online success
  • How to spend as low as 10$ per day and start to acquire new customers online

Although this presentation is complimentary, seating is limited, so please RSVP by April 18th to Ms. Lilia Postolachi, WTC Director or call at (404) 813-6672.

By Jonathan | April 07, 2008 | IC-Agency Events
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Will Yahoo! revolutionize SEO?

Since his return as head of Yahoo!, Jerry Yang has been continually repeating that his company’s strategy since its beginning, in 1994, has been based on openness.  An openness towards standards, mobile platforms, to mobile developers and third party applications.  An openness that allows Yahoo! To reinforce its status of “front door” and “hub” for its millions of users’ digital life.  This strategy of openness – which still remains closed to Microsoft's billions – also includes Yahoo!’s search engine, which is in for significant changes in the coming months.

Yahoo! recently announced that it will open its search engine results pages.  This means its page descriptions will be updated, as shown in the following example:

(source : Yahoo!)

The most interesting aspect of this announcement is the fact that this evolution will be made possible due to the support of semantic web languages and microformats.  To gain visibility on this search engine, an appropriate content structure of one’s web site will be necessary.

The development of semantic content will also lead to easier broadcasting and aggregation by different sources through RSS feeds.  For example, in the illustration above, a user searching for this restaurant’s phone number no longer has to click on the link to find it.  This new feature clearly reinforces the cachet of search engines.  However, they will have to closely monitor the impact these enriched search results will have on their sponsored links.

For marketers, the broadcasting of their web content above the « traditional » limits of websites will certainly have them modify certain performance indicators used to measure campaign peformance. Yahoo! will soon be detailing the precise functionality of its Open Search platform.  We will definitely keep you posted.

By IC-Agency | April 07, 2008 | Search Engine Optimization
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iPhone owners hooked on the Web

Iphone According to a study published by M:Metrics, mobile media specialists, iPhone owners surf the Internet much more than "traditional" smartphone owners. This study, conducted in January through approximately 10 000 respondants, confirms a phenomenon which we were, until now, only suspecting.  However, the scale had clearly been underestimated.

The figures reported by M:Metrics are poignant. The participants in the study had to indicate if they had made any of the following actions from their telephone (iPhone or other):

  • Consulted information through a browser
  • Searched the Web
  • Watched TV or video content
  • Watched  VoD (Video on Demand)
  • Reached a social network or a blog
  • Listened to music

For every category, iPhone owners had a far more positive response to the questions than owners of smartphones or classic phones. The gap is more than 50 % with regards to smartphone owners, and more than 70 % with regard to the other telephones (all the data is available in the press release from M:Metrics here). 

For M:Metrics, these impressive results stem from two main factors:  The use of widgets: approximately 30% of iPhone users use widgets like YouTube and Google Maps, compared to less than 3% for the rest of the market.

All iPhones connected with AT&T benefit from unlimited surfing. Data gathered by M:Metrics suggest that Internet consumption explodes as soon as the fear of supplementary costs engendered by navigation has disappeared.

This study confirms that with the iPhone, Apple has struck a big hit once again, strengthening its image of an innovative brand, always on the cutting edge of innovation. If Google can rejoice over these numbers, we can also see good news for consumers: the increase of Internet users connected via their telephone should accelerate the development for mobile multimedia content.

By IC-Agency | April 04, 2008 | News & Trends
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A Visit To Google’s Zurich Office

Locaux_google_3_2 Toboggans, fireman poles, hammocks, game, rest and recreational rooms, pinball, foosball, free food, lively colors and complimentary massages… no, this not some imaginary amusement park: it’s Google’s largest research center outside the United States, offering a lot of unique benefits in order to attract the best engineers.

These offices, conceived to favor informal gatherings, stimulate unlimited creativity.  “Communication is the key to our business, and this would not happen if we were to stay glued in front of our computer screens” says Randy Knaflic, the person responsible for engineer recruitment.  Moreover, 20% of an engineers time is for them to manage more personal projects.

So, what gets done besides amusement?

Well, A good number of software applications are being developed in Zurich, most notably a mapping system that incorporates video and photo, a copyright content filtering technology.  Let’s not forget advertising technologies like adWords and AdSense, the reasons behind Google’s phenomenal financial growth which surpassed 16 billion in revenue in 2007.

Will the Zurich research center be able to relaunch advertising revenue growth that has been slowing since the beginning of the year?

Visit the Zurich research center here

By IC-Agency | April 03, 2008 | Our Pick
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Baselworld_2_2 BASELWORD, the world’s premier showcase for the luxury watch and jewelry industries, will be held from April 3 to 10.  Over 2000 exhibitors will gather this year to present their latest creations; certain popular manufacturers choose only BASELWORD for their showcase, making this gathering all the more exclusive.

As an e-luxury and watch specialist, IC-Agency will certainly be present.  This event not only allows us to discover the latest trends and creations from the luxury watch industry, but it also allows us to meet our clients and partners from this sector in a more comfortable and less formal setting than usual.

At this event, IC-Agency will release its latest edition of the WorldWatchReport.  This essential market study deciphers the demand for 12 luxury watch brands from over 30 million user intentions emanating from 5 key markets.

By IC-Agency | April 02, 2008 | IC-Agency Events
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