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Yahoo! improves its search engine

Less than a year ago, Google revolutionized Internet search by launching Google Universal Search. In addition to the traditional site, the results page would now show videos, images, news, maps or even books. Since the beginning of May, new information shook the web: Yahoo has launched a similar system called Yahoo Glue which his currently being tested in India. 

Even if the system is only available for specific research categories (sports, travel, hobbies, health, finance and technology), it seems to provide a satisfying experience to users even if it takes longer to load.  These are the comments provided by Erick Shonfeld on TechCrunch; he also offers a few screen captures of the new results pages generated by Yahoo Glue. 

Also, on May 5, Yahoo announced on one of its Blogs the release of SearchScan (in beta version), a new feature destined to protect internet users from viruses, spyware and others spam. Based on McAfee’s SiteAdvisor technology, this feature post a warning besides the results pointing toward a potentially dangerous site. Google had already developed its search engine with a similar feature in 2006: the internet user clicking on the suspicious link would see the following page: “Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

The fight for market share is still on between the major search engines as they each try to not only give Internet users complete and relevant contents, but also secure content providing the ultimate user experience. IC-Agency is closely following search engine evolution in order to guarantee their clients optimal Search Engine Optimization. 

By IC-Agency | May 30, 2008
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What's new with Yahoo!

Searchmonkey1 In February, Yahoo! announced in one of its blogs a new tool which will allow web site publishers and advertisers to add value to their web site links. Search Monkey, which has now been online for a few days, gives publishers the capability to add information that will compliment existing information (title, description, link) that appears in the results of a Yahoo! search. Therefore, a page publisher could, for example, add images, links, user reviews or any other pertinent information (telephone numbers, user notes...).

As a useful Search Engine Marketing tool that is completely free, Search Monkey proposes two display options in Yahoo! search results.

The first display option allows you to replace the classic description with a personalized text, an image, 4 links and other information indexed by the Yahoo! engine, such as an address or telephone number

The second option consist of using a window to display additional information about the site when the user clicks on the link.

These two options are also customizable in the Yahoo! Local engine. The search results are therefore localized and allows, for example, a user to quickly find the number for a restaurant without clicking on the link.

According to Mathieu Tank, product manager for Yahoo! Search, implementation of these display options would have no effect on the ranking of search results or frequency of web indexing for the sites using them. The advantage of this solution essentially lies in the possibility of standing out from competitors in the Yahoo! search results page.

These new display options are not completely active at this time, but users will be able to fully appreciate it in the coming weeks. They will also be able to choose which display option they wish to use on Yahoo!'s search results page. As for web site publishers, they can already modify the display option for their links via the Search Monkey platform.

By IC-Agency | May 29, 2008
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Tag Heuer calls on IC-Agency

IC-Agency is proud to add Tag Heuer to it's list of clients. This prestigious brand of watches has chosen IC-Agency to analyze consumer reactions following the launch of the Meridiist.

Meridiist is not the name of a new watch model, but that of an  ultra-luxurious wireless phone which you will certainly hear much more about! Be patient, it will be available in September.


For its perception studies, IC-Agency's R & D department has developped IC-Insights, an exclusive technology which allows the deployment of online monitoring strategies on an international level while focusing on spontaneous feedback from consumers.

This mandate confirms IC-Agency's strong luxury expertise, which already counts Rolex, Dior, Raymond Weil, Omega, Bedat&Co, the Richemont Groupe and Edipresse Luxe among its clients. IC-Agency also publishes the WorldWatchReport every year; an analysis of the online demand for 12 brands of luxury watches. We invite you to visit www.worldwatchreport.com for more information.

By IC-Agency | May 28, 2008
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Google brings its AdWords model to TV

Tv_2 Google AdWords revolutionized online advertising by coupling targeting features with a bidding system and an easy to use interface. Setting-up accounts, optimizing campaigns and monitoring performance are a breeze in Adwords, and are a welcomed change in the advertising industry. Now, with Google TV Ads, they are bringing these elements to TV ad purchasing.

Accessed through the AdWords platform, TV ads can now be uploaded, scheduled and purchased within seconds. At the click of a mouse, a mix of networks and dayparts can be scheduled.  Specific shows can be found through a keyword search and added (or blocked) to your ad schedule. Google can even suggest the appropriate mix according to your target demographic.

Google is also applying key elements of its bidding features to this platform. The cost is determined through bidding system similar to that of AdWords, where a maximum CPM is identified, along with a daily budget. Also, you will only be charged for the actual number of impressions.

The advantages of such a system are numerous. To name a few:

  • Simple and flexible campaign management can make it much is easier to start a campaign, which can attract new advertisers.
  • A/B testing can be done within days.
  • Performance data, available within 24 hours, can be used to increase ad placement efficiency,providing a better ROI for the advertiser.

Being a manager of many sponsored link campaigns using Google AdWords, we will be following this story very closely. What are your thoughts? Will it be a hit?

By Flavio Quaranta | May 01, 2008 | E-Advertising
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