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WorldWatchReport Results

The latest edition of Europa Star reveals a few of the main results of the WorldWatchReport, a luxury watch industry market study published annually by IC-Agency.

Learn from this article which brand and models are the most popular, what weight replica searches carry and how Omega turned its Seamaster into the most popular watch model.


“Your clients use the Internet to compare notes on brands, including yours!  Thanks to the WorldWatchReport, you can learn more about those who compose this market and their intentions.  The WorldWatchReport is essential reading for luxury watch industry decision makers” concludes Philippe Maillard, Managing Director for Europa Star.

By IC-Agency | June 26, 2008 | Demand Analysis
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World Tempus choose IC-Agency

Worldtempus_5_2 World Tempus chose IC-Agency to provide strategic consulting for the relaunch of their website which will be online at the end of the year.

"The new site will certainly be a great resource for brands, retailers and journalists. Consumesr will also be able to take advantage of it. With an increasing audience and top quality marketing solutions, Worldtempus will make the site an essential media support for all advertising campaigns targeting this specific market" says Yves-Allain Schwaar, Director of Consulting at IC-Agency.

Besides managing the website relaunch, IC-Agency will also work on the Search Engine Optimization and the integration of the web analytics. For this project, Worldtempus will work closely with Cobweb, a company specialized in the management and the creation of projects related to new information and communication technologies (internet-intranet-extranet).

With over 75000 articles in their database, Worldtempus.com is the reference site for the watch industry. Created in 1999, this site is part of the luxury division of the Edipresse group.

By IC-Agency | June 04, 2008
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IAB Report: Fourth consecutive year of growth of US online ad revenues

US online advertising revenues continue to grow at an impressive rate. In 2007 it exceeded $21 billion, over 25% more then in the previous year. That is according to “2007 Internet Advertising Revenue Report” conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers for IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

While there is a decline in the growth rate comparing with the prior years, Internet remains to be the fastest growing medium in terms of ad spending. Recently published Nielsen study reported that an overall US ad spending increased only by 0.6% in 2007 versus 2006. 

When commenting the results of the IAB report, Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of IAB said: “This achievement is a testament to the continued vitality of interactive. Explosive innovation in the industry is providing marketers with new and unique ways to reach consumers—it’s a very exciting time.”

Key Highlights of the IAB Report

Search and display ads continue to drive the growthAd_revenues_3

Search remains to be the most important online ad format in terms of revenues. Search advertising revenues increased by 30% from $6.8 billion in 2006 to $8.8 billion and generated 41% of total 2007 yearly revenues.

Display related ads, which include display ads, rich media, digital video and sponsorship accounted for 34% of full-year revenues and totaled $7.1 billion. For the first time IAB broke out video which used to be included in rich media formats category. It generated 2% of total revenues while the share of rich media augmented from 7 to 8% even without the contribution of video ads.

Consumer advertisers continue to lead

Consumer advertisers represent the largest industry category. In 2007 they generated 55% of full year revenues comparing with 52% in the previous year. In the key category, 47% of the Internet ad spending was held by Retail, followed by Automotive (21%), Leisure (13%), Entertainment (9%) and Packaged Goods (8%).

Shift to performance-based pricing models

The share of performance based revenues increased from 47% up to 51% whereas the share of CPM-based pricing shrank to 45%. 

The full IAB report is available here.

By IC-Agency | June 04, 2008 | E-Advertising
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Rezonance, 10 years already!

The first Rendez-vous des Entrepreneurs has been organized by Rezonance to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and will take place on Wednesday, June 18.

Several brilliant speakers such as Edgar Norin, Albert Jacquard, Rene Berger and Thierry Crouzet will share their expertise and best practices on this day with a promising theme: The world is changing, are you? Welcome to the golden age of complexity.


They will touch on this theme during 3 distinct sessions:

  • Understanding complexity - listen to pioneers as well as the new generation of thinkers on complexity, all authors of reference work.
  • Think network - conceptual tools to analyze your activity sector, your enterprise, your business model and your capacity for innovation.
  • Act network - concrete applications of complexity management in the marketing domain: buzz, trend analysis and networking.

Complete program and registration here.

By IC-Agency | June 04, 2008
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IC-Agency Teaches for ESCEM's MBA

ESCEM, or Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et de Management, one of the most prestigious Grandes Écoles in France has chosen IC-Agency to provide E-Marketing training for the MBA Chic Innovation.


 The innovative approach of this masters program hooked IC-Agency: this MBA, specially conceived for professionals unable to take the usual 1 or 2 years to complete a masters degree, strives for flexibility. During the academic year, ESCEM offers a large portion of the courses on an online platform which also facilitates group work. Only 3 weeks of on-campus courses, during the summer semester, are required to complete this training.

More information here.

Participants will receive credits towards the E-Marketing module of MBA Chic Innovation upon successful completion of the IC-Academy training as well as the associated exam.

By IC-Agency | June 03, 2008
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