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Discover the Harley Davidson e-mailing program

The emblematic brand Harley Davidson offers on its website an excellent 6-step e-mail marketing program. Its objective? To allow you to quietly discover its brand, its advantages and, most of all, to directly encourage you to make a purchase.

How it works:

1) The presence of the call-to-action "find out how you can ride à Harley" on the Harley-Davidson.com site


2) online registration


3)First e-mail : (1/6)


Comments :

Many brands have been using, some for many years, e-mail marketing.
Nonetheless, few have been engaging in an e-mail program structure like the one used by Harley Davidson, with the goal of anticipating and systematically treating objections that would occur from their prospects (ex: financing). These e-mail programs are more often than not integrated in overarching marketing campaigns of the moment, but rarely are they present as part of the content of the site.

Still, the benefits of such a program are numerous :

- Increase in the visitor/buyer conversion rate
- Generation of qualified leads
- Stimulation of online/offline sales
- Expansion of the CRM database

All of which within a 100% opt-in strategy - offering real benefit to the consumer.

How does this link with IC-Agency and Digital Luxury Marketing?

It's not surprising to see similar e-mailing programs become standard practice, as they are very complimentary to standard newsletters. In the luxury industry, brands like Louis Vuitton and Cartier have already taken steps to offer newsletter subscriptions. Going forward, adding e-mailing programs inspired by the Harley-Davidson model could become very useful. For example, the program could confront objections such as those of the younger clientele who are ready to acquire the product they dream of - but are not ready to a step into their boutique. The botton line is, by changing the luxury brand clientele's perception, and consequently brand communcations, through a pragmatic, online objection treatment system could create a true competitive advantage that would generate sales.

By IC-Agency | July 02, 2009 | News & Trends

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