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“Focus and Excellence”, or how IC-Agency Makes its Presence Felt in Luxury Digital Marketing

Daily finance journal Agefi invited the director of Executive MBA Entrepreneurship at HEC Geneva, Raphaël Cohen, to share his perspectives on the economic crisis and the uncertainty it causes for businesses.  

In his article titled “Quelle crise?” (What Crisis?), he uses the example of IC-Agency’s successful business model and states that its “Luxury” positioning is indeed quite relevant, as it was capable of 25% growth in a year where advertising budgets have disintegrated. 

Here is an excerpt, translated from French: 

Focus “Are there actually businesses increasing their revenue during this crisis period? The answer: absolutely. I’ll use the example of IC-Agency, a company that specializes in Luxury Digital Marketing and has recorded a 25% growth without sacrificing profitability. This leader in e-marketing has continued to develop despite a deeply affected advertising market. What is their secret? Focus and excellence in a growing market sector. By proactively developing an intimate knowledge of certain industries (luxury, financial and, more generally, premium brands), IC-Agency has become an indispensable specialist capable of better serving its clients than its competitors. IC-Agency has identified an opportunity and seized it: the need for companies to speak with e-marketing experts with specific insights into the targeted demographics, instead of other web agencies with a more casual knowledge of the industry.” 

The full article can be found here.
By IC-Agency | July 02, 2009 |

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