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Haute horlogerie – A Close Look at Ten Brands on the Internet

Europa Star, world-renowned luxury watch publication, published in its August-September 2009 edition IC-Agency's latest article entitled « Haute horlogerie – a close look at ten brands on the Internet ».

Now online, the article examines the online demand of 10 of the most prestigious Swiss brands based on the data collected from the WorldWatchReport 2009 :

Watch consumers have become more and more skilled at researching information about watches, thanks notably to the Internet. The ability to capture and analyze the millions of pieces of information that pass through search engines allows us to identify—nearly in real time—what consumers are looking for. IC-Agency, publisher of the WorldWatchReport 2009, has conducted an exclusive market study deciphering the Internet searches for luxury timekeepers.

For the fifth edition of the WorldWatchReport, more than 300 million online searches involving 25 luxury watch brands in the seven key export markets were analyzed. Among them were ten of the most prestigious brands: Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Breguet, Franck Muller, Girard-Perregaux, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Zenith.

To better understand searches on the Internet, we are offering - exclusively for the readers of Europa Star - a look at the most notable trends from this study as they relate to brands in the haute horlogerie sector…

Continue reading this article on Europa Star.


By IC-Agency | October 20, 2009
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Online PR: An Asset to Your Press Releases

Among the many techniques available to disseminate information on the internet, the online PR (Press Release) remains one of the least known, and maybe the most underestimated. Despite having been around for while, this technique has not been adopted with same conviction as some other online marketing activities (like emailing campaigns). Online PR has many advantages that should allow it to join the ranks of other, more traditional communication strategies.

 This blog post intends to present the advantages of this practice. It will be followed by a second article that will delve deeper into the operational aspects of online PR campaigns. 

The Principal of Online PR 

One must send the press release to PR portals (a.k.a. PR hubs, PR channels), agencies that will broadcast information throughout their network of contacts via the internet. We know of about fifty reputable PR portals, from the local and free portal that displays information on its home page, to the paid portal that will reach thousands around the world. 

The Objectives 

There are multiple objectives to online PR: 

• Quickly and efficiently spread information totraditional media outlets, as well as certain opinion leaders on the web. 

• Increase visibility and notoriety with the publis through various publications 

• Increase visibility in search engines 

• Acquire qualified traffic 


Quick Implementation 

Considering the speed at which information spreads, it is critical for an enterprise to be able to guarantee quick and efficient communication with its audience. In the context of an online PR operation, a press release can be sent almost instantly, with some PR portals offering translations within 24 to 48 hours.

 Targeting Qualified Audiences 

Since the beginning of online PR solutions, portals have expanded in terms of targeting and traffic acquisition to meet entreprises’ growing needs and demands. Hence, it is now possible to access distribution lists by market and by business sector, especially for the more experienced market on the internet. With the apparition of these targeting options, online PR can fulfill the specifics of the luxury industry, which is without a doubt the most demanding in terms of qualified audiences. 

Online PR as a link between online /offline communications 

The nature of online PR aims to broaden press relations to the online domain, and as such to reach the online publications of traditional media. Its impact does not end there, however. It also allows one to target leaders of opinion: bloggers. Thus, online PR allows for a larger radius, beyond the traditional public relations sphere. It is also one of the rare tools to establish dialog on social networks. 

The role of e-marketing agencies 

Like e-advertising campaigns, online PR requires a specific know-how. Though anyone can contact a PR portal to send a press release, but its success however depends on several factors: 

• Defined Target (markets, industry sectors, PR portals)

 • Editorial (optimize the impact on the intended audience) 

• Search Engine Optimization (content structure, use of keywords, creating links) 

In the next article on this topic, we will outline some best practices as well as give recommendations on optimizing your online press releases.

By IC-Agency | October 20, 2009
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First Swiss Google Analytics Certified Company

Gaac_logo We are proud to announce that IC-Agency has been certified as a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, making it the first Swiss company to receive this title from Google.

Google Analytics is a performance measuring tool developed by the American leader in search engines. Following a recent analysis by IC-Agency, 34% of companies listed on the Swiss Market Index (SMI/SPI), like Adeco SA, Logitech International SA or Swatch Group AG have already implemented Google Analytics on their site.

This extra knowledge in the field of web analytics will complement the foursome of other certifications IC-Agency has already received: Certified Partner AT Internet / XITI, Google Adwords Company, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adExcellence.

This news also presents Google with the opportunity to welcome their first Swiss partner in its tool’s certification program.

For more information on Google Analytics and how it can measure your web performance, contact us.

Read the press release: "IC-Agency: First Swiss Google Analytics Certified Company”.

By IC-Agency | October 20, 2009
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Google Summit 2009 – WAOC Day

After receiving our Google Analytics certification, we were invited to an annual summit held by Google to unite all GAAC (Google Analytic Authorized Consultant) or WOAC (Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant) agencies.

The event took place from October 13-16 at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View and had consultants from around the world in attendance. The first day was dedicated to "Google Website Optimizer", the solution that allows user to test and optimize website content and design. The following days were reserved for the traffic measuring tool, "Google Analytics".

On the first day, we were able to attend conferences discussing topics such as the management and utilization of data for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, case studies on Website Optimizer – Analytics integration, content analysis tools, as well as the technical aspects (function, API) of Website Optimizer.

We leave you with Google’s famous Website Optimizer cookie (which was excellent, by the way).


Update: October, 22nd

A second post with concrete learning and upcoming announcements from Google for Analytics and Website Optimizer is available here (in French).

By IC-Agency | October 20, 2009
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Follow Us on Twitter!

Twitter-LogoIt is with great pleasure that we announce our newly created IC-Agency Twitter account.

By following @ICAgency you will find e-marketing news selected by our staff on a daily basis.

See you on Twitter!

By IC-Agency | October 20, 2009
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The Common Tribes of Luxury Watch Sites

Certain software solutions allow us to identify the common user types of different websites.  Applying this to the luxury watch industry, we can use this data for highly-targeted advertising campaigns.

Breaking down the sociodemographic profile of Internet users is now possible.  By confronting different audiences, we can identify different communities that share the same interests in different subjects.  These inquiries are very valuable for brands as they allow them to more precisely target their market.  Consequently, they now have the means to more finely adapt their advertising campaigns...

Continue reading this article on Worldtempus, authored (in French) by IC-Agency in collaboration with Louis Nardin.


By IC-Agency | October 20, 2009
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"What is the added value of social networking?" - First Conference

For its 300th First, the celebrated conferences organized by Rezonance, IC-Agency has the pleasure to accept the invitation from Diane Duperret, event planner, and Geneviève Morand, networking pioneer in French Switzerland.

"More than a billion people have opened a profile on a social networking site! Over 300 million on Facebook, one million on Twitter, amongst others. And, every month, new online communities are created. What added value do social networks bring to businesses and individuals?"

Discussing the theme «What is the added value of social networking? », our own Florent Bondoux will have 15 minutes to share his thoughts on the "Dos & Don'ts on participating in the online conversation" along with Richard Collin, Professor, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Maria Sipka, linqia Founder & CEO, and Alain Lefebvre, Author of "Les réseaux sociaux: De Facebook aux nouveaux Intranet, la généralisation des réseaux sociaux".

We hope you will be able to join us at this event on November 5 in Geneva and we invite you to register (free).


By IC-Agency | October 20, 2009
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The Strategic Importance of Search Engines

Getting your official site ranked first in search engines is a major concern for many brands.  From overtaking the presence of suspicious sites to brand loyalty, good ranking has its advantages.

Every day, more than 1.5 billion queries are performed around the world. With the necessary, even daily, passage of over a billion web users worldwide, search engines are the main entry point to the Internet.

According to the WorldWatchReport, over 300 million search intentions were registered in 2008 for 25 luxury watch brands in 7 key export markets, including China.  The report presents figures that demonstrate the growing demand stemming exclusively from the Internet, which must be considered with absolute attention as the risks and opportunities presented by search engines are enormous....

Read the rest of this article on Worldtempus, authored (in French) by IC-Agency in collaboration with Louis Nardin.

By IC-Agency | October 20, 2009
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iPhone Apps & Luxury Brands

Since the arrival of smartphones, mobile phones have become nothing less than micro-computers whose features go far beyond what a standard phone is able to deliver. The strength of this new generation of devices mainly comes from their applications, the number of which is constantly growing at the instigation of thousands of consumers-developers around the world.

Brands also have their own developers whose mission is to create new apps specifically designed to promote their products. The iPhone standing as the unchallenged leader of smartphones, IC-Agency decided to analyze the market of iPhone apps in its privileged sector: the luxury industry.

Recent Update (October, 22)
For a better understanding of the phenomenon, we asked several luxury and watchmaking professionals, analysts, bloggers and journalists to answer the following questions :

- What should brands take into account before launching an application?
- According to you, what are the best practices in that field?
- What can brands concretely expect from it?
- What is your futurology? Which evolutions do you see in the near future?

We were delighted with the quality of the in-depth editorial analysis we received, namely from the following influencers who wrote articles for this occasion:

Helene Le Blanc, The Luxe Chronicles:
"Luxury Brands' Passionate Embrace of the iPhone"

Ariel Adams, aBlogtoRead :
"How Watch Makers Can Best Utilize iPhone And Other Mobile Apps"

Robert-Jan Broer, FratelloWatches :
"World Watch Report’s Research on iPhone Applications"

Diana Leszczynski, Web & Luxe :
"De l’avenue Montaigne à l’Itune Store: la conquête de l’iPhone par les Grandes Maisons de luxe"

Not to forget the insights shared with Meehna Goldsmith, U.S. correspondant for HH Magazine and Louis Nardin, Worldtempus.

To view the entire updated study including the Luxury Insiders' View, please click here.

By IC-Agency | October 07, 2009 | Actualité , | Luxury Watch Special , | News & Trends
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