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Hublot Number 1 on Facebook

The presence of Hublot on Facebook has caught IC-Agency’s attention. With more than 50,000 fans, the "Hublot Genève" page has moved to the top, surpassing Cartier and Tag Heuer, who were until now top leaders on the social network for more than a year.

While 440% represents the average increase of new fans for all watch brands, Hublot’s performance represents an increase of 2500%.

J-C-Biver The opportunity to reach 400 millions potential contacts on the largest community website has not escaped Jean-Claude Biver’s attention, CEO of the brand, contacted by IC-Agency, who commented on the brand’s results:

"I am pleased to learn that these results demonstrate that we are a young, high-end brand. It may be the consequence of our general activities on the Net. I think we should use all tools available online without neglecting any of them.


See all the results and analysis in the article ""Facebook and watch brands, one year later" which appeared in Europa Star magazine :


By Jonathan | January 14, 2010 | Competitive Monitoring , | Demand Analysis , | E-Advertising , | E-reputation , | Luxury Watch Special
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Luxury Watch Brands and Facebook

With more than 150 million users worldwide and 60,000 new registrants per day, the social network Facebook is gaining popularity. What marketing potential can this represent for luxury watch brands?

Social ads, sponsored groups, news feeds or even fan pages, pages dedicated to the promotion of brands, products or services are only some examples of opportunities for marketers to capture the attention of an elusive audience.

With extensive knowledge in Social Media Optimization, IC-Agency focused on the Facebook presence of 12 luxury watch brands by analyzing the popularity of their fan pages and the level of interactivity for each:


Published in the current edition of Europa Star magazine, the article entitled "Watch Brands and Social Networks: a Focus on Facebook" describes the success factors and pitfalls for brands who want to integrate Facebook into their marketing strategies.

You can read the full article here.


In less than 3 months, the number of registered Fans on most of these pages has doubled. This represents a huge potential of viral communication and brand exposure that cannot be ignored, especially since every day, more than 2.5 million new users join Fan Pages.

To learn how to strengthen the impact of your online communications by optimizing your presence on social networks like Facebook, YouTube or MySpace, please contact us.

By IC-Agency | January 19, 2009 | Actualité , | E-reputation , | Luxury Watch Special , | News & Trends , | Search Engine Optimization
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Luxury Watch Making Publication: New Technologies and Strategies

IC-Agency had the honor of being invited to the Journée Internationale du Marketing Horloger, organized by Club Swiss Marketing in Chaux-de-Fonds, the Swiss capital of luxury watch making.

This was an opportunity to meet over 300 industry professionals primarily from France and Switzerland united by a main theme: “Luxury Watch Publications: New Technologies and Strategies”.

The event took an interesting look at certain efficient trends and news on watch making publications. From the importance of blogs and product placement in videos, to the analysis of campaigns linking the arts to luxury watch brands, the topic of e-marketing was covered by David Sadigh around the theme “How to use the internet to gain efficiency in you rmarketing strategies”. Some of the more notable subjects he discussed are:

• The WorldWatchReport and the myth of counterfeiting
Positioning among search engines
Consumer Generated Media and social networks
E-Reputation Management

The round table, hosted by Grégory Pons around the captivating topic of the future of luxury watch making press, welcomed editors from the main Swiss publishers including Jean-Philippe Arm from Watch Around, Didier Pradervand of Montres Passion, Eric Othenin-Girard of Movment, Peter Braun of Armbanduhren and Philippe Maillard of Europa Star.

 A side note on Europa Star, an IC-Agency partner, who brought forth more than 10 years of experience with regards to integrating the internet into luxury watch makers’ marketing strategies. By pointing the “Actualities” section of the magazine towards the website, Europa Star has succeeded in adapting its publication to the most relevant media channels.

By IC-Agency | December 10, 2008 | E-Advertising , | E-Commerce , | E-reputation , | IC-Agency Events , | Luxury Watch Special , | Search Engine Optimization
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Intellectual Property Scorned in Search Engines

Recently announced by Google (and David!) were the Q3 numbers for keyword sales for sponsored links in 2006, which were considerably higher then the past year, try 84% higher.

But who are these advertisers utilizing the brand names and boosting Google profits? Not only is it the companies of the brand names or authorized small business retailers, but there is also an growing rate of counterfeit and grey market vendors that are purchasing keywords as sponsored links to redirect web visitors elsewhere. And this, in consequence, pushed up the price.

Brands need to react! As stated in the title of our latest press release launched today internationally online, ICA’s goal is to educate and raise concern of this growing issue and to propose viable solutions. Intellectual property security online and particularly on search engines is crucial because of its importance as a gateway to sites everywhere.

Check to see if your brand is a victim of cybersquatting by requesting a free diagnostic using www.brandsweeper.com

By IC-Academy | October 27, 2006 | E-reputation
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