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Overview of recent articles for which IC-Agency was solicited during the last three months:

Comment les marques de luxe reprennent le contrôle de leurs ventes sur Internet ? – Le Temps, 17 juin
Le secteur a longtemps été confronté à une distribution en ligne bas de gamme mettant en péril son image. Appuyé par une directive européenne plus favorable, le luxe tente maintenant de gérer ses propres circuits d’«e-commerce».

L’art de raconter des histoires pour convaincre – Swissquote Magazine, 9 juin
Pour séduire investisseurs et consommateurs, les entreprises ont de plus en plus recours aux techniques du storytelling. Exemples, entre auto-mythologie et vérité.

IC-Agency relie le luxe à son client final – CB Web, 31 mai
IC-Agency, une agence de 30 personnes (3 millions d’euros de CA en 2009, en croissance de 30 % /08) réparties entre Genève et Barthurst au Canada. Créée en 2000, elle est spécialisée dans le digital marketing du luxe.

Swatch Surges After CEO Says Watchmaker’s Sales Rose – Bloomberg / Business week, 26 mai
Swatch Group AG, Switzerland’s biggest watchmaker, rose the most in more than seven months in Zurich trading after Chief Executive Officer Nick Hayek Jr. said sales climbed in the first quarter.

Travaux pratiques – Le Temps, 25 mai
La toile regorge de vidéos didactiques pour apprendre à jouer de la guitare, se maquiller à la façon de Lady Gaga, renforcer ses abdos ou survivre à une attaque de zombies. Un phénomène à la hausse qui intéresse les marques, ravies de pouvoir parler de leurs produits différemment.

La réalité augmentée pourrait faciliter les ventes sur Internet – TSR, 10 mai
Les innovations se multiplient en ce qui concerne les commandes de produits sur Internet. Des simulations en trois dimensions toujours plus poussées permettent à l'internaute de se représenter l'objet comme s'il était devant lui.

VENTES EN LIGNE - Le luxe affûte encore son commerce digital – Worldtempus, 4 mai
Récemment, Richemont annonçait le rachat du site de vente de produits de luxe Net-a-porter.com tandis que Longines inaugurait son magasin virtuel focalisé uniquement sur les Etats-Unis.

China Swatch Partner Hengdeli’s Sales May Grow 30% – Bloomberg / BusinessWeek, 3 mai
Hengdeli Holdings Ltd., the retail partner of Swatch Group AG in China, said 2010 sales growth may be the fastest in three years as it expands market share and Chinese consumers splash out on luxury watches and jewelry.

Cresce il falso d’autore dichiarato – Il Sole 24 Ore, 26 avril
Il business viaggia prevalentemente sul web e riguarda soprattutto orologi di lusso, profumi e design.

Les gagnants de l’internet suisse – Bilan, 6 avril
Sur la centaine de sites qui se lancent en Suisse chaque mois, 5% seulement rentabilisent leur activité. Le secret? Être le premier dans son domaine et fidéliser la clientèle avant que des concurrents ne fassent leur apparition.

More article to read on IC-Agency's press review.
By IC-Agency | June 23, 2010 | Actualité , | IC-Agency Events , | News & Trends , | Our Pick
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iPhone 3G leads the way of the usability revolution

On the weekend it was launched, over 1 million units of the latest incarnation of the Apple iPhone were sold. However, one of the most groundbreaking aspects of this launch was not the phone itself, but the concurrent launch of the App Store.


After filtering through the novelty games and standard productivity software, there remain a large number of apps that are designed to deliver web content in a manner that is easy, intuitive and even fun. Borne out of the developer’s kit provided by Apple, these apps follow the same principles of design and simplicity that made the iPhone a success. Already, over 500 apps are available, and together they have seen over 10 million downloads over last weekend's launch.


The launch of this aptly-named “killer app” will cause many to rethink the delivery of their website content, not only for creating apps, but also regarding their “traditional” online home. Already, Facebook is preparing a relaunch of their menu and navigation based on the intuitive design of the iPhone version of the site. The iPhone has forced designers, developers and marketers to think about usability, providing the event necessary to jumpstart the next of evolution of web content delivery.


Keep in mind that the true winners will not necessarily be those who are first on the scene with an app, but those who understand and put into practice the complimentary roles their website and their app can play.

By Jonathan | July 21, 2008 | Our Pick
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A Visit To Google’s Zurich Office

Locaux_google_3_2 Toboggans, fireman poles, hammocks, game, rest and recreational rooms, pinball, foosball, free food, lively colors and complimentary massages… no, this not some imaginary amusement park: it’s Google’s largest research center outside the United States, offering a lot of unique benefits in order to attract the best engineers.

These offices, conceived to favor informal gatherings, stimulate unlimited creativity.  “Communication is the key to our business, and this would not happen if we were to stay glued in front of our computer screens” says Randy Knaflic, the person responsible for engineer recruitment.  Moreover, 20% of an engineers time is for them to manage more personal projects.

So, what gets done besides amusement?

Well, A good number of software applications are being developed in Zurich, most notably a mapping system that incorporates video and photo, a copyright content filtering technology.  Let’s not forget advertising technologies like adWords and AdSense, the reasons behind Google’s phenomenal financial growth which surpassed 16 billion in revenue in 2007.

Will the Zurich research center be able to relaunch advertising revenue growth that has been slowing since the beginning of the year?

Visit the Zurich research center here

By IC-Agency | April 03, 2008 | Our Pick
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The Innovation Risk

Macbookair_2 Apple recently launched the new ultra-portable computer, the MacBook Air. For Apple fans, there is no shortage of reasons to buy this product.

For us, it's not its magnificent design, size, flash memory hard drive nor its weight (unrivaled within the industry) that makes it so special. It's more so the vision that guided Apple to develop such a product.  Without an optical reader or an Ethernet connection, the product relies on a courageous choice of wireless technology.

Apple is defining the future of the portable computer.  They envision a notebook with a permanent high-speed WIFI connection, enabling access to all necessary information anywhere, anytime. Therefore, the computer would have access to images, music, movies and all other kinds of data through a wireless internet connection, rendering obsolete the Ethernet connection and optical drive.

The MacBook Air may be a risk on Apple's part, but aren't risks symptomatic of innovation? Let's not forget: who took them seriously when they stopped including the floppy drive in their computers? There is much for innovative companies to learn from this...

By IC-Agency | February 20, 2008 | Our Pick
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