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Luxury, E-Mailing and Targeted Communication

Sending informative e-mails to a select, targeted group allows brands to refine their customer relations. Hublot and Raymond Weil have opted in to this strategy.

E-mailing is a communication technique based on sending promotional or informative e-mails from a brand to predetermined members of a network. Occasionally confounded as a mass marketing tool such as spam (unwanted junk mail), this technique actually has many advantages. A few years ago, luxury watch brands swore they would never communicate in this manner. Today, their point of view has changed and some have begun to use this communication technique to take advantage of opportunities like building customer loyalty and the potential sales increase it represents.

Read the following article on Worldtempus, written by IC-Agency in collaboration with Louis Nardin


By Jonathan | January 14, 2010 | News & Trends , | Sectorial Analysis , | Strategic Consulting
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Cosmetics: Social Media Strategies


The social media strategies of cosmetics brands are at the forefront in the latest edition of BW Confidential, the B2B magazine of the beauty and wellness industry.

It includes points of views from professionals such as Julie Thompson, Interactive marketing director, Lancôme, Steven Plous, Direct Message Lab CEO, Marisa Thalberg, VP Global Online Marketing, Estée Lauder Companies, and Reynald Sauvet, Strategic Planning Director, Digitas.

Note the contribution of David Sadigh of IC Agency, interviewed for the occasion by Oonagh Phillips, editor in chief of the magazine.

You can read the article here.

By Jonathan | January 14, 2010 | News & Trends , | Sectorial Analysis , | Strategic Consulting
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Book Release: "La communication horlogère - Stratégies et nouvelles technologies"

LaCommunicationAvailable at last! We strongly recommend reading the book "La communication horlogère - Stratégies et nouvelles technologies" which brings together the contributions made during the 12th Journée Internationale du Marketing Horloger, organized last year in La-Chaux-de-Fonds by the Association de Journées de Marketing.

David Sadigh of IC-Agency had the honor of having his presentation "Comment accroître l'efficacité de sa stratégie marketing grâce à Internet?", initially for an audience of 200 professionals in the watch industry, published for a much larger audience. /p>

APlease note the remarkable work done by the book editors in transcribing the analysis and debates, as well as the various research efforts needed for the occasion.
You can purchase the book here.

The 13th edition of this event was held on November 26th, discussing Jimh_couverture"L'utilisateur Horloger dans un Monde en Mutation". Rich and exciting discussions were had by the participants in the presence of specialists like Antonio Calce, CEO Corum, Emmanuel Vuille, General Manager Greubel Forsey, Nathalie Veysset, Director De Witt, Françoise Bezzola, Marketing and Communication director TAG Heuer and Gregory Pons from Business Watches & Jewelry.

By Jonathan | January 14, 2010 | IC-Agency Events , | Luxury Watch Special , | News & Trends , | Sectorial Analysis
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Why TAG Heuer selects IC-Agency ?

Buyers of luxury goods are increasingly using the Internet to evaluate their purchases, a growing trend that is confirmed year after year by the WorldWatchReport, a market study published by IC-Agency that analyzes dozens of millions of client searches for luxury watch brands on the Internet.

TAG Heuer, a company at the cutting edge of innovation, is fully aware of this trend and has decided to reinforce its visibility in the international search engines so as to make its products more widely available and to increase brand awareness.

"Our objective is to escort our customers throughout their online experience - an experience that generally starts with a search using a search engine such as, for example, Google. This is a strategic means of access for a brand such as TAG Heuer and we want to take advantage of it in the best way possible," says Frédéric Layani, International Internet & CRM Manager for TAG Heuer.

The strategic search engine optimization assignment taken on by IC-Agency covers more than 10 markets and is not restricted to the Google, Yahoo! and MSN trio. As Marc-Olivier Peyer, Senior Innovation Specialist at IC-Agency says, "Our objective is also to achieve strategic positioning in China and Russia through Baidu and Yandex, two search engines that generate more traffic than Google in those high-growth, and increasingly online, watch markets."

According to the search engines market shares in China and Russia, the optimization of a website visibility on Google only is not enough :

 Search Engine Market Share in China 2008 -1200x600

Search Engine Market Share in Russia 2008 -1200x600

The implemented strategy is based on an in-depth analysis of search intentions associated with the TAG Heuer brand. This approach enables the evolution of interest in the flagship models and TAG Heuer brand ambassadors-Leonardo DiCaprio, Lewis Hamilton and Maria Sharapova-to be measured.

IC-Agency has exceptional proficiency in understanding the online behaviors of "high-net-worth individuals" and is once again strengthening its position as a key player in luxury digital marketing.

"IC-Agency's strong international expertise in emerging markets, as well as their understanding of the complex world of luxury professions, particularly watchmaking, reinforced our decision to work with them," concludes Frédéric Layani.

For more information on our international search engine optimization (SEO) services, contact us.

Read the full press release.

They wrote about it : Europa Star, Worldtempus, Montres-de-luxe, LaRevueDesMontres, The Time TV, Interactive Luxury, TrustedWatch, Romandie.com, Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, etc.

By IC-Agency | March 11, 2009 | Actualité , | Demand Analysis , | Luxury Watch Special , | News & Trends , | Search Engine Optimization , | Sectorial Analysis
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Tourism, Internet and Customer Loyalty

Yesterday, Yves-Alain Schwaar, Consulting Director for IC-Agency, hosted a workshop about the impact the Internet has had on the rules of customer acquisition and loyalty. Organized by Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) and its research department, this event incited a great deal of interest from the audience, which consisted of directors and executives from EHL’s Alumni Enterprises.

The key players in online tourism: comparison sites, search engines, travel agencies like Ebookers, Expedia and TripAdvisor were reviewed in order to better understand their impact on a traveler’s online behavior before, during, and after their trip. It is important to note that Kayak, leader in tourism search engines overseas, has extended into Europe: further proof that things are far from stagnant.

To discover more, we invite you to consult the presentation from this workshop:
Tourism: How does the Internet Change the Rules of Customer Acquisition and Loyalty?

By Philip Arseneau | February 11, 2009 | Actualité , | Competitive Monitoring , | Demand Analysis , | E-Advertising , | E-Commerce , | IC-Agency Events , | Perception Analysis , | Search Engine Optimization , | Search Engine Protection , | Sectorial Analysis , | Sponsored Links , | Strategic Consulting
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Luxury, the Internet and the Buying Process

Recently, the Journal du Net published the results of a study led by Benchmark Group concerning the process of purchasing luxury goods online. What is the Web position in this process? Among the services available on luxury sites, which are the most appreciated? What products are bought online?  These are just some of the questions researched.

Altogether, the results are hardly surprising, confirming what common sense suggests:

  • The main advantage of an online purchase is the practicality (I buy when I want)
  • The main reason for not completing an online purchase is the impossibility to feel the product
  • Luxury sites need to display pricing and complete products characteristics

On the other hand, this study highlights some tendencies that might have been underestimated until now. We learn that:

  • Only 15 % of people never search the Internet for information before making a luxury purchase.
  • Newsletter and Club subscriptions are more often motivated by the will to receive promotional offers or to participate in a private sale than by the desire to receive personalized advice.
  • Finally, the study reveals that clothing (including shoes and accessories) is by far the most popular category for men and women regarding online luxury purchases.

Globally, this study confirms that the future of luxury brands is deeply linked to the Internet. Whether being used as a direct sales channel (e-commerce site) or to redirect visitors to the boutiques, the web is inescapably becoming part of luxury brand strategies.

The complete results from the Journal du Net are available here.

By IC-Agency | March 26, 2008 | Luxury Watch Special , | News & Trends , | Sectorial Analysis
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Boucheron and e-commerce

Ddasfag_2 In a interview published today by the Journal du Net, Jean-Christophe Bédos, CEO of Boucheron, revisits the past 6 months of their new e-commerce site, which was launched last September.

Even though the site’s performance is satisfying in terms of revenue, sales income isn’t its prime objective:  Mr. Bédos considers it primarily to be a means to generate traffic to the boutiques and to offer additional online services to costumers.  Still, the site registered an increase in visitors of over 400% since its creation.

Although he voluntarily admits that he wasn’t expecting to embark on an e-commerce adventure when accepting his new role, these results gave way to new aspirations.  For the actual site, for which a new version will be launched within days, an e-commerce site dedicated to the American market should appear in the course of this year.  Eventually, Japan will also be served with its own virtual Boucheron boutique.

Beyond Boucheron, Mr. Bédos’ vision concerning the luxury goods market on the Internet is extremely compelling.  As he ties the rise of e-commerce with the improvement of security and logistics, he suggests the rise of luxury e-commerce is in part due to a sociological evolution; as 10 years ago companies were predicting the Internet would be the death of the brand, a completely different scenario has been playing out as the Internet “has amplified the impact of brands on consumers, mostly because of e-commerce”.

For Mr. Bédos, this first e-commerce site confirms that brick-and-mortar boutiques and virtual boutiques are complementary, not substitutive.    Hence, the e-commerce site welcomes visitors (even buyers!) that would not have otherwise passed through the doors of a “real” boutique, a phenomenon that Mr. Bédos calls the “phobie de pas de porte”.  However, this does not keep actual boutique customers from visiting the e-commerce site for additional information.

The luxury industry has immense e-commerce growth potential.  After Boucheron and Bedat & C°, other brands are sure to follow.  In a virtual world that rids consumers of physical contact with the products, the power of a brand will have an even larger role to play.

By IC-Agency | March 05, 2008 | E-Commerce , | Luxury Watch Special , | Sectorial Analysis
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WorldWatchReport 2007 publication

Once again, IC-Agency is making a BaselWorld appearance to present their WorldWatchReport market study.  This study showcases the luxury watch industry, analyzed by the means of the Internet.

Online luxury boom:

  • The online luxury watch market is booming: all studied brands have seen increases in online demand.
  • Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier and Breitling dominate the market: together they represent 90% of all searches in both Europe and the United States.    
  • Rolex remains the world’s most popular brand in search intentions, followed by Tag Heuer in the United States and Omega in Europe.
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre saw the largest increase in demand in 2006 (+39%) outpacing Omega (+29%) and Breitling (+24 %).

Counterfeit demand rapidly increasing:

  • Counterfeit demand registered large increases in all of the 5 studied markets.
  • The French market demonstrates astounding results: demand for counterfeit products nearly doubled from 2005 to 2006. This now represents 21% of search volume in France, 19% in Germany, 17% in the United States, 16% in the United Kingdom and 12% in Italy.
  • In 2006, the brands most associated with counterfeit searches were      ranked as followed: Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Omega and Tag Heuer. Among these brands, Breitling saw the biggest increase in 2006 (+71.8%), outpacing Rolex (+45%).

You can view a selection of graphs illustrating these trends on the report website at www.worldwatchreport.com.

Tags: baselworld, watch industry, luxury, IC Agency, watch, worldwatchreport

By Flavio Quaranta | April 12, 2007 | Demand Analysis , | News & Trends , | Sectorial Analysis
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